Change (Ft. Drum Archive)

29 Feb

Carrie Underwood-“Change”




“Your just a fool, just a fool To believe you can change the world. Don’t listen to them when they say, ‘your just a fool, just a fool To believe you can change the world.’”

The other night I was chatting with Bryan on the phone having the typical, “how are you doing, what have you been up to,” conversation when I threw in the repetitive, “what else can we send you? Friends and family have been asking me what you need and want in care packages and I’m running out of ideas.” His response was just that. He had pretty much everything he needed for the time being. It then occurred to me that there were soldiers over there who hadn’t even received a single letter. Both of us are so blessed to have such caring families (and huge ones as well) that providing care package items has been simple and abundant. Some soldiers on the other hand, do not have families with the funds to provide such wonderful care packages on a weekly basis, and even worse, some do not even have families…

I then decided that I would compile a list of names of the soldiers who may not be receiving an abundance of packages and letters from home and I would figure out a way to make sure that they know we all love and support them back home. I called up a few local news stations and was immediately contacted by a wonderful woman named Lainey. She graciously offered to support Bryan’s unit (and specifically some of our special soldiers) in sending them care packages and letters. Their website is and I am truly grateful to be a part of this remarkable opportunity.


“The smallest thing can make all the difference…”

It’s incredible how supportive some people are and I again have to thank God for all of the blessings He has given us. He has been an amazing provider and the outpouring of love from people I don’t even know continues to leave me in awe. He is GOOD!


And on that note, let me update you with how the Lord is providing in Afghanistan:


Our soldiers are preparing to build a school in the Baghlan Province. In addition, Bryan also informed me that they are putting in a well in Baghlan. As of right now, the civilians of Baghlan get their water from the Baghlan River. This river is brown and is used as a toilet, bath tub, and main source of drinking water. Bryan said that the locals would scoop out a handful of water, sift the dirt and muck out through their fingers, wait for it to settle, and then drink the top layer. To those of us who are fortunate enough to live in America, that is repulsive. To the locals in Baghlan, that is life. Though some do not believe in the war and do not support our husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and children being over there, God has found a way to show Himself amidst the blood, guts, and gunfire. All combat aside, the children of Baghlan would not be provided with a school to learn in had our troops not been sent over there. Baghlan residents would be drinking unsanitary water for many more years had our soldiers not been there to provide a fresh water well for them. “The smallest thing can make all the difference-Love is alive-Don’t listen to them when they say, “Your just a fool-Just a fool-To believe you can change the world…”


In every situation there is a positive outcome, you just have to be willing to open your eyes and see it. God will provide, not just to the wealthy, not just to Americans, not just to the pure of heart, or the most faithful of followers. He loves each of His children equally and He is a just God. God is using OUR soldiers to better the world! The smallest things can TRULY make ALL of the difference.


To all our soldiers fighting for our freedom and allowing themselves to be used by the Lord, “DON’T listen to them when they, Your just a fool, just a fool To believe you can change the world.” You CAN change the world




If anyone wants to make donations to our soldiers or even just send them a letter, please contact me. A simple note will surely, “make all the difference!”








.:Blessed:. (Ft. Drum Archive)

29 Feb

I have often heard that deployment is a time in your life when you really find out who your true friends are. I have to admit, God has more than blessed me and I undoubtedly have a million angels surrounding me. Thank you already, to all of my friends and family, as well as those of you who barely know me, but have already shown me your support. At this point, it is hard for me to imagine loosing friends in a time like this, as I have already gained so much. To all of you…My sincerest THANK YOU! I am truely blessed~



Mom: My rock, my laughter, my talks, my hugs, my butt kicking when I need to get my act together 🙂


Daddy: The loving arms that hold me and calm my tears, since day one


Corey: My best friend, my strength, my caring big brother



Amanda: The sister I always prayed for. My Top Gun and Snuggie buddy


Maddi: My long talks and daily encouraging words

Chels: The contagious giggles that turn saddness into laughter


V: My shoulder to cry on when I’m sad, her should to cry on when I’m strong


Jo: For being there…since 3rd grade



Erin: For always loving me

Erin Flanagan: Cassie Cercy I freakin love you!!! And Bryan : )Wed at 10:51pm


Steff: For Happy Hour

Steff McNulty: I am serious… I know I am not in NY but let me know if there is anything I can do to help this go smoother.Yesterday at 1:23pm


Nicole: The beautiful mommy to be, my first friend as an “Army Girlfriend” and best friend as an “Army Wife”

April: My role model in finding faith and trusting the Lord. You are a selfless friend and Bryan and I look up to you and Shawn in faith and your marriage. You are my strength

Martha: For margarita nights, and for blessing my with a wonderful husband, and amazing sister. I care for you and will be here for you, as I know you will be here for me too.


Jeffrey: For never pushing Bryan one way or another, and never failing to be proud of any path he chooses. And for your kindness utpouring of love that has been felt since day one


Bryan: For being brave, so we don’t have to be. For being strong so we can be weak. For having loving arms to be wrapped up in. For having gentle words to find courage in. For having playful laughter to get lost in. For having quiet moments to create memories in. “Undeniable, so incredible::Simply wonderful, you’re beautiful::Unmistakable, the way you make me feel::Unbelievable.”


Deployment (Ft. Drum Archive)

29 Feb

Deployment. It’s getting closer and I feel like PMS on steroids. I’m not a very emotional person when it comes to crying. I tend to keep it in until it just bursts out. That’s not the case this time. Time up here has been amazing and I feel so blessed to have been able to spend the past three months with my husband. On the down side, we thought he was going to deploy around the 6th of April. Wednesday night he was told that it would be the 1st instead.  Not that 5 days makes a huge difference, but when it comes to deployment, it can make a world of a difference. It was one more full week and one more weekend together. I think the initial shock hit me hard on Wednesday as the reality of the situation fianlly set in. I cried off and on Wednesday night into Thursday morning and afternoon. After laying in bed until noon I finally got up, looked at myself in the mirror and got it together. I showered, curled my hair and got dressed. Simple things that happen everyday that sometimes are tough to do, but they are the first steps to continuing on with living through deployment. I promised Bryan and myself that even though he would be gone, I would continue living. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone if I decided to stop living just because I’m sad that he is gone. So now it’s time to enjoy every last second with Bryan and to pray that this week slows down and that the time away while he is deployed speeds up. Say your prayers for my husband and 1-87…as well as for all of the soldiers continually fighting for our freedom. “Home of the free, because of the brave.”

Bills, Bills, Bills (Ft. Drum Archive)

29 Feb

 Oh the joy of being married! You get to do everything together. We make breakfast together, we eat dinner together, we play Wii together, we have Nerf gun fights together, we read together, and we pay bills together. There are some things people tell you about marriage, like how great it is to live with your best friend and all of the vacations and hikes and bike rides you can go on together. Though they occasionally mention that yes there will be fights (but what’s new, those happen before your married too), they somehow forget to mention that gut wrenching, twisted knot in your stomach feeling that you get when you open your first EXTREMELY expensive bill. That was a happy moment in our marriage! For the Time Warner lady on the other end of the phone, well, we either made her bad day worse, or made her good day bad. The anger and frustration that came from both Bryan and I was settled by giving the poor lady the Cercy wrath. At least we didn’t take it out on each other?! Upon receiving our $1200 electric bill, we decided that in order to save money when it came to heating our ice box, we would invest in a space heater. It was like a miniature fireplace that lit the family room (because now lights are only on when they absolutely need to be). This happy little heat emitter was wonderful, until we received our next bill. So we shaved about $300 off from the last bill, but our decrease in electricity did not come with a complimentary decrease in our new bill. Apparently, space heaters can make your bill sky rocket, obviously. So note to self, God gave us sticks and matches to make fires. Oh yeah, that’s right though. We have a propane fireplace and the people who install it stop installing in the beginning of December, and don’t start up again until after winter. That’s great isn’t it?! Sooo back to my Snuggie. Can I just express again how grateful I am for my Snuggie? The thermometer remains around 50 degrees, the space heater is off, and as if Bryan and I didn’t cuddle enough before, we are now permanently attached to each other’s hips. Well, at least until the next bill comes. We might need some distance upon opening the envelope.

Lucky I’m in Love With my Best Friend (Ft. Drum Archive)

29 Feb

For each petal on the shamrock 

This brings a wish your way –

Good health, good luck, and happiness

For today and every day.


When Irish eyes are smiling, ‘Tis like a morn in spring.

With a lilt of Irish laughter, You can hear the angels sing

 May your blessings outnumber

The shamrocks that grow,

And may trouble avoid you

Wherever you go.





Babies, Babies, Babies! (Ft. Drum Archive0

29 Feb

Ok, ok, hold your horses! It’s not what you think, not even remotely! Typically when people hear the word, “baby” they get all giddy and excited. That was not my reaction when I heard that word. Let’s play a little game. What do you get when you mix the smell of sulfur with a skunk? I actually can’t answer that question. My response would lack the justice that this rancid smell deserves. So yep, you guessed it, we have skunks! YAY!!! In the middle of the night last Thursday (March 4th) I woke up to a nasty smell. At first I didn’t know if it was Bryan, or something else. Friday morning we woke up and the smell was still there. We began cleaning the house and I feared finding a dead animal in a cupboard, corner, or behind a couch. After cleaning the house we headed out to the airport to pick up Amanda and Martha, who were visiting this past weekend. Upon getting in the car Amanda stated, “It smells like a skunk!” Apparently the odor stuck to our clothes and soaked into the car seats. When we welcomed the family into our home, they were expecting our sulfur scented house, but the smell that hit them was even worse! The smell would come and go and we weren’t 100% sure what exactly the smell was. It could be a dead animal, it could be a skunk. We found little holes around the outside of the house, but we couldn’t find the source of the stink. They endured the smell for the rest of the weekend, but after they left the smell began to get worse.


Around midnight Tuesday night, I felt Bryan poking me. I woke up and both of us were suffocated by the awful stench. He left for work at 5:30am (the usual) and I received a text message at 6:20am saying, “Everyone at the office thinks I smell like a skunk.” Needless to say, the skunk smell started to overpower the sulfur smell. Bryan was evidently let off work early to “take care of the skunk problem at home.” I think it was because they just wanted him out of the office. About an hour before he got off work, I decided to walk around the house and see if I could find anything. It didn’t take long for me to find a skunk, dying at the bottom of our front porch steps. It was dead by 8 o’clock last night and we left it out there since the pest control guy came this morning. Which leads me to babies. Upon searching around the outside of the house for holes, the pest control guy made the statement to me that it was the end of mating season and a lot of times the male skunks get in fights and let off their wonderful smell in the process. He then said those dreadful words, “I think you have a female skunk under there, she is probably pregnant and the babies should be born in about a week.” Baby skunks? Are you kidding me? More? It gets even better as he proceeded to tell me that the mother won’t leave her hiding spot under our house until after she has the babies, and the babies won’t leave until they are old enough to go out on their own, which will be around June. He also enticed me with the lovely fact that baby skunks don’t know how to control when they release their stink. So basically, we will have stinky, baby skunks wandering around underneath our house until we leave. Our house smells better everyday!


Minimoooon! (Ft. Drum Archive)

29 Feb

Since we had our “mini wedding” we decided to take a “mini honeymoon.” Because of certain restrictions, like the fact that we couldn’t leave the country because of Bryan’s upcoming deployment, and the fact that it takes all day to travel from upstate New York to anywhere, we settled on Orlando, Florida. We only had four days to celebrate our marriage so we chose an early flight on Friday morning. And so it begins… Bryan and I went to bed early Thursday night, he even commented to me at about 9:45 that we were actually in bed before 10pm! Yeah, well, so much for that. You see, when you are a Platoon Leader and one of your soldiers gets a DUI, you have to go in and do a bunch of paperwork and work out legal issues. So at 11pm when Bryan heard the wonderful news, he had to get out of bed and rush into work. He made it home be 3am, laid down for about 45 minutes while I showered, and we left the house by 4am. We made it to Orlando around 10am and we were thrilled to hear that Nana and Grandpa (Bryan’s grandparents) were also in Orlando. They graciously picked us up from the airport and we had lunch at an amazing seafood place. It was SO wonderful seeing them, and we decided we should just randomly meet up in other states “for lunch” more often! Once they dropped us off at the Omni Hotel at Champions Gate (amazing golf hotel), Bryan and I went up to our room and crashed. We woke up around dinner time, asked the concierge where we should eat, enjoyed a $90 “cab ride” in an Excursion and instead of settling for an upscale restaurant, we walked down the street to the Ale House. Nothing beats a long day like a pitcher of beer and some burgers.


Saturday we decided to go to SeaWorld. Even though it was freezing, it was still a blast. We went to the “Shamu Show” were we drank hot chocolate and watched Tilikum and Dawn dance in the water together about one week before her tragic death. We saw sharks and dolphins, parrots and penguins and even went on a rollercoaster ride. This time, Bryan made me sit in the front seat! I was terrified at first, especially on our first drop. Once I opened my eyes however, I realized all of the exciting things that I could see. It whoops and whirls over the water and from the top of the steep hills I could see all of SeaWorld to my right and Orlando to my left. This thrilling, awesome ride made me realize that even when life is speeding by at a million mile per hour, it should never go by fast enough for me not to open up my eyes and take in everything around me. I thanked Bryan after we were safely stopped. I was scared and he made me take a chance. The beauty of it all surpassed the terror.

 On Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Bryan and I woke up with a couple’s massage (I highly recommend doing this) with chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, a sauna, and other spa services that we soaked up the afternoon with. We then went back to our room, showered and changed and went to dinner. We didn’t make a reservation in advance, and as it ended out, most places were completely booked (silly us, it was Valentine’s Day). We ended up at Olive Garden (no complaints there) and had a romantic meal next to their fireplace. We then went and saw the movie, “Valentine’s Day,” and ended up at a dueling piano bar, “Howl at the Moon,” to top the night off. This was by far was the coolest bar I have ever been to. We had an amazing time there and ventured back to our hotel in the early morning hours.

Monday was our last day, and we had a late flight home. Luckily, the weather finally cleared up on Sunday and we were able to lay out by the pool all day long. We even went around the lazy river and caught some rays…Bryan had a bit of a burn to prove it! We were sad to go home; even though the weather wasn’t the greatest the whole time and we paid ridiculous amounts for cab rides. Though the highlights of our trip were not the ones we were expecting to have prior to going, we embraced new adventures and created memories that will last a lifetime!

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