Mother of the Year

Welp…it’s true. All new parents are rookies. We are all amateurs who innocently watch as our child dives off of the couch, swallows a penny, or sticks a crayon in their nose. We shouldn’t be ashamed to admit our, “oops” moments. They are terrifying while in action, but afterwards, we can all laugh about it. So I created this page to document all of those, “Mother of the Year,” moments. If you have any…PLEASE leave a comment or message me, I would love to post it on here!

And the one that started it all….

MOY Moment #1:: I slammed my babies head into the tailgate of my car in an attempt to check for a blow-out. SIMBA!! #motheroftheyear

#2:: I panicked. My son had projectile spit-up while my husband was holding him. How do I stop this? Throw the burp cloth over the blow hole…duh! #motheroftheyear

#3:: Changing my sons diaper at 3 days old resulted in him peeing all over himself; to include his face and in his eyes. How on earth do you stop laughing long enough to wipe off his face in a moment like this?! #motheroftheyear


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