29 February 2012

Unfortunately…the extent of my work-outs have been:
Sprints to the toilet: 2-??? times/day
Intense ab crunches due to hurling
Squats in front of the toilet that ultimately leave me writhing in pain on the bathroom floor
Avoidance of food and the refrigerator. Especially raw meet, fajitas, beef stir-fry….basically anything other than saltines, water and orange gatorade.
Going from the couch to the toilet is not at all what it is cracked up to be. I’d rather run a marathon…and that says a LOT coming from me! 


3 January 2012

The Big 50

50 36″ Box Jumps
50 Air Squats
50 Kettlebell Swings
50 Walking lunges
50 Swiss Ball Jackknives
50 Back Extensions
50 Wall Ball Shots
50 Burpees
50 Double Unders

Hello Twenty-Twelve 🙂

It has been a few days since I last did the Four Hundo work-out and I absolutely love it (my teammates from track would never believe those words just came out of my mouth). But they did. And I do love them…in THIS work-out. I also felt like hitting the gym hard today, so I added on some more goodness in the mix.
5X400m run with 25 air squates in between each one.
StairMaster for 30 minutes…you pick your intensity 😉
3 Sets of Plie Squats with 25lb Kettlebell:
–15 Plie Squats (remember to squeeze your tush at the top)
–3X8 Plie Squat pulses, then hold at the bottom for a 3-count
–30 Plie toe raises (15 each leg)…I couldn’t find a video showing how to do this one. Once you are in the bottom position of your squat, lift your right heel like you would doing toe raises. Then do your left. Keep alternating as you stay low in the squat position. Your thighs should be burning.

Ab Circuit

20 flat ab crunches (lay flat on your back, legs out. Crunch your upper body while keeping your legs straight)
20 flat ab sit-ups (same as above, but move to a full sit-up)
20 crunches
20 toe touches
20 oblique raises (lower abs)
20 side-to-side heel touches
20 side crunches (each side)
20 medicine ball twists
20 side pedestal crunches

29 December 2011

Run 4 miles 🙂 

28 December 2011

Four Hundo’s

5X400m with 25 air squats in between each one
You know you love your life 🙂


27 December 2011 

Kettlebell Circuit 

5-Stations; 1-minute each
Jump Rope
Kettlebell swings
Kettlebell skiers (Tranfer the kettlebell from one hand to the other as you switch sides with the skier)
Turkish get-ups
Kettlebell squats


24 December 2011

Fifty-Two, Eighty (That means Denver, CO in non-local terms)

My husband, father-in-law and I wanted to jump-start our Christmas cheer with a quick CrossFit circuit before we stuffed our faces with cookies and candies and ham and mashed potatoes (which was heavenly by the way). I felt like I was going to pass out through the entire thing. It could have been the intensity. Or the altitude (I still heart you 5,280). Or the fact that I later found out I was preggers. Maybe a combination of it all.
I think I will try it again in GA…maybe during the second trimester, or at least after I’m done combating my multiplying hormones.
10-Rope Waves
10-Rope Double Slams
10-Burpee Box Jumps

21 December 2011

CrossFit WOD

Row 500m; Sprint 800m
3 Rounds for time 
God Speed ❤


 20 December 2011

 Kick A-Cardio

You will need: Sled-pull sprint machine (or treadmill), ladder machine, spin bike, and rower.
This 20-minute cardio work-out utilizes 4 different cardio machines. You will sprint on each machine for a total of 5-minutes to include 4-minutes of 20 second sprints and 10 seconds off. The last minute is a rest/transfer between machines.
Start off with the sled-pull sprint machine (any treadmill will work as well). Crank that sucker up and sprint for 20 seconds, rest/walk 10, sprint for 20, rest 10. Continue through 4 minutes then head over to the ladder machine.
Repeat this series on the ladder machine.
Once the 4 minutes of the endless ladder machine is complete, jump on the spin bike and repeat again. Be sure to turn UP the resistance through your 20 second sprints and turn it down ONLY on your 10 second rest. We don’t just want to see a little bit of sweat on this work-out, we want to see your fat cells crying!
Last is the rower. Again, turn up the resistance before you start. Finish strong! By the end of this you should be rowing in a pool of sweat. Clean off your machines when your finished cuz believe me…it’s gonna get nasty.


19 December 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas–Cercy Style

This work-out is a simple progression with a terrible ending. Unless you thoroughly enjoy getting your butt kicked (which I do) then your terrible ending will result in painful bliss.
Start off by doing:
1-Rope Climb.
1-Rope Climb, 2-Body weight bench.
1-Rope Climb, 2-body weight bench, 3-deadlifts.
Continue until you finish all 12 work-outs. Then drink some eggnog…or protein powder. Whatever you are into. Here is what the jolly ol’ elf and I did:
1-Rope Climb (Our CrossFit Gym has a never-ending rope machine so we did 20 pulls per arm)
2-Body weight bench ( I only did 85lbs. I despise doing chest work-outs. I have avoided them my whole life. Don’t be like me)
3- Deadlifts (I did 95lbs. the Hulk did 225lbs.)
4-Hand stand push-ups (or girlie, regular push-ups if you are still pretending the world of chest work-outs don’t exist, like yours truly)
5- 36″ Box Jumps
6- Dips
7- Pull ups (raise your hand if you have a chair and your not ashamed to use it *raising hand*)! 
8- Kettlebell Swings (25-45lbs…get some)!
9- Burpees
10- 20lb wall ball shots
11- 45lb. lunges (The Hulk did manly tire flips instead)
12-1200m run
Repeat the WHOLE thing one more time. Santa CrossFit Claus just went to town!!!

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