Rollercoasters (Ft. Drum Archive)

29 Feb

Between graduating on December 17, getting married on December 20th, and packing up to move on January 1st, I can vaguely recollect what exactly happened during those last few weeks of living in Colorado, and our first few weeks of marriage. It was a rollercoaster ride. Many times I closed my eyes as I went racing down gigantic hills and looped and whirled from one day to the next. I felt butterflies, nerves, anticipation, excitement, joy, and finally a sense of calm and happiness once the ride slowed down. Luckily, Bryan was there to hold my hand when I was scared, to laugh at me while I was screaming my head off, and to have fun and laugh with as we sped through this wild ride. It was bittersweet as we closed one book and began another one together. To continue on with this “theme,” I will be the first to say that our marriage has been nothing short of this rollercoaster ride. But that’s reality, and only actors in movies actually experience such romanticized lives together. Soon, you will learn all about sulfur, ice baths, bills, skunks, and the complete and utter bliss of being newlyweds at Ft. Drum, New York!



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