Official Army Wife (Ft. Drum archive)

29 Feb



Our wedding day was perfect! I couldn’t have asked for anything to go more perfectly; the beautiful sunshine on a December afternoon, the hair (Cindy) and make-up (Tiffers), the family, and most importantly, the groom. Call me cliché, but I thought he resembled a modern day Prince Charming (mushy I know, but it’s true)! We had a wonderful ceremony at Foothills Chapel, joined by our parents, siblings and grandparents. After the ceremony, we loaded into the limo and made our way to the Broker in Downtown, Denver. We had a marvelous meal and great company. Bryan and I celebrated our wedding night at the Brown Palace (BIG thanks to Mom and Dad) with strawberries and champagne, and breakfast in bed. It was the perfect way to start forever.



.: My Handsome Husband :.


.: And WoNdErFul Daddy :.



.: Family :.



.: Christmas Flowers :.


.: The handkerchief is our “something borrowed” for all of the girls.

After each girls gets married, we embroider their name and wedding date

with their wedding colors and pass it along with each new marriage :.



.: Roses :.


Those of us who are already married know that marriage, like life, brings with it many joys and also many challenges. We also know that love, while beautiful, does not always show its prettiest face. There are days when we may find it hard to express the depth of our love for one another. It is my hope and prayer that the two of you will set aside a special place in your home for roses, ancient symbols of love.


When words fail you, or when the challenges of life or marriage begin to weigh on you, go out and get a rose, and put it in that special place in your home, so that the other will be reminded of this moment, and of the love you feel for one another. As a token of that love, I would like to ask you to make these roses your first gifts to one another as a married couple.



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