Ft. Benning Adventures

29 Feb

A lot has happened since we first arrived at Ft. Benning in mid October. On the way down from Ft. Drum, we ran the Army 10-Miler with my father-in-law and Uncle Chris. We all wore our Run to Remember shirts in honor of our military.

Wear Blue. Run to Remember  

Once we arrived in Georgia, we lived at the La Quinta for 5 days…which was 5 days to long. Edel didn’t seem to mind the room though.

After 3 days of looking at houses, we FINALLY found one in Phenix City, AL. Lucky number 15…

We enjoyed our first meal in the new home on the living room floor…picnic style! Stouffer’s lasagna never tasted so good!

Once the movers came, we decided it would only be right to audition for “Hoarding, Buried Alive”

We FINALLY spent our first Halloween together…after 6 freakin’ years!!! Edel sported her American pride in a cute cheer outfit

Edel and I hid in the bathtub together during our first tornado. She was really into it…

Bryan started a TP War…


…But I finished it 🙂


We spent our (first) second anniversary and Christmas together



We went to Colorado for Christmas


And built a snowman with Zoey


Bryan broke (insert number here) bones in his face playing Ultimate Football with MCCC




We got another puppy, Ms. Paisely



And we made a baby 🙂


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